Creating A Positive Move

Preparing For Your Packing Service To Arrive At Your Home

If you've hired your residential moving company to pack up your home before you move to a new house or apartment, there are some things you should do before the packers arrive. Use this guide to prepare for having your personal items professionally packed so both you and the packers have a great experience.

Make Room For Boxes

As the packers fill boxes, they'll need space to create a staging area for the day of your move. This means organizing boxes by the rooms they belong in and separating fragile boxes from the rest. Take some time to clear space in your home for this task. You may want to set aside an area in each room for convenient access during the packing process, or you might choose a centralized location, such as a dining room, where all your boxes will go. Let the packing service know where you want boxes to be staged, and consider marking off the section of your house with painter's tape as an easy way to remember where your boxes go.

Tag Items That Shouldn't Be Packed

You won't want everything to be packed right away, so be sure to tag items that need to be left out. You can use stickers or labels for this task, but be sure to let the packers know what the stickers indicate. You may want to place a sticker on the drawer of your dresser that holds underwear, socks and other daily clothing essentials, or you may need to keep cabinets filled with diapers and baby clothes unpacked so you can care for an infant or toddler. Letting the packers know what not to pack can prevent you from having to tear open boxes later on.

Tidy Up First

Doing a bit of tidying up before the packing service arrives can help the process to go more smoothly. Folding laundry you've just washed, drying dishes in the dish drainer, and cleaning out your pantry are all tasks that can make it easier to begin packing your items. You may also want to take a little time to pack small items, such as makeup or jewelry, on your own. Another great option is to pack away that pesky junky drawer so the packing service doesn't have to figure out where all those odds and ends should go.

Make arrangements to be home on the day the packers arrive so you can be available to answer questions. This also helps you to keep an eye on the packing process for added peace of mind.