Creating A Positive Move

Tips For Using Your Various Sized Moving Boxes

As you are in the process of packing up your home, you may be tempted to put things into boxes haphazardly just to get the job done. Be aware that there is a method for using all those various sized moving boxes that can help you pack more efficiently and prevent things from becoming damaged.

Small Moving Boxes

The majority of your boxes will be of the small variety, since most things you own are on the smaller side. Small boxes are designed for heavy items that would make a larger box too heavy and potentially break in transit.

Consider small boxes for things like heavy canned goods from the kitchen, movie cases from your entertainment center, and books. Realize that you may have to separate similar items across several small boxes, since it may be tempting to put all of a single item into a much larger box.

Medium Moving Boxes

A medium sized moving box will be great for items with weird shapes or bulky items. Use these for your pots and pans, kitchen appliances, electronics, and shoes, Just make sure to wrap items in plastic wrap if they are touching something else.

Any item that has a detachable cord, such as the video cables coming out of your DVD player, should be removed. There is a risk of the item getting bumped in transit and damaging the ports in the process. Be sure to remove these cables, put them in a clear bag, and then label it so you don't forget what they connect to.

If you have electronic items going to storage, remove the batteries from the remotes. There is a possibility that the battery acid could leak and damage the remote in the process.

Large Moving Boxes

The large moving boxes are great for items that are large and lightweight: things like comforters, towels, pillows, and large blankets. You can also use a large box to move large items, such as a lampshade that you are worried about breaking during the move. Wrap items in bubble wrap for additional protection.

Be sure to pack these large boxes to the very top. Leaving a gap at the top of the box could cause the box to collapse from the weight of boxes on top of it. Not only could it damage the items inside the box, but it could also cause a stack of boxes to fall down in the moving truck on the way to your new home.

For more information on how to properly pack boxes and other ideas for moving, such as commercial moving services, contact a professional moving company in your area.