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How To Properly Pack Makeup For Moving Day

Moving day can be hard for all of your belongings, but makeup is particularly at risk. Since makeup is made up of many different types of liquids, powders, and other materials that can easily be damaged if mixed, they need to be properly packed in order to arrive at your new home in optimal condition. Thankfully, with a little bit of effort you can ensure that your makeup is well protected for transit.

Wrap the Bottles

For perfumes, nail polish, and other items that are made out of fragile glass that could begin to leak if they break, you'll want to wrap each individual bottle. You can use packing paper, newspaper, or any other type of cushioning that you have at your disposal, and then place these bottles into bags for easier transportation.

Keep it Separated

You should keep all similar types of makeup together (for instance, all the perfume in one bag, all the nail polish in another, and so on). Beyond helping you keep organized and speed up the unpacking process, it also means that liquids won't be able to get into powders in case of a leak, or vice versa.

Use a Makeup Bag

However, ignore the above point if you're able to fit your entire makeup collection into a single makeup bag. While this may not be practical for larger collections, you should at the very least use a makeup bag to carry your most often used and valuable pieces of your collection with you when moving. By using a single bag, you can keep your collection with you, giving you easy access and reducing the risk that anything will become broken in transit.

Cushion the Powders

For eyeshadow and other compacts that may become damaged or broken, you'll want to use an application pad or a piece of cotton to fill up the space underneath the lid. This will prevent the powder underneath from cracking. For additional cushioning, you may want to wrap individual compacts in wrapping paper or a similar cushioning material in the same manner that you protected your bottles mentioned above. 

Cover Loose Powders

For loose powders that don't have their compact lid, you can use plastic cling wrap (several layers may be a good idea, in case of rips) to make a makeshift lid. You can also fit a piece of cotton underneath the wrap to protect the integrity of the powders.